Energy Programs

We have found major property management firms are committed to energy conservation and environmental stewardship in their property management and building operation practices. Commercial buildings account for 42% of energy consumption in the United States. As environmental concerns grow, regulations become more demanding, and energy costs rise every business must re-evaluate its energy usage as a matter of corporate and social responsibility.

We have entered into an Energy Performance Management (EPM) agreement with some of our preferred accounts to reduce energy consumption in all buildings within their portfolios. The purpose of this program is to achieve significant energy savings through changes in building operations and occupant behavior. These efforts typically produce an immediate 3-5% reduction in energy cost. What truly sets this program apart from other energy management programs is that there is no cost to the valued tenants or the property management firms for any of these services.

The EPM program includes:

  • A specific energy profile and analysis of each facility or metered tenant space
  • Low cost/no cost energy improvements
  • Energy Star benchmarking and registration with the EPA/DOE
    Ongoing energy analysis, monitoring, and monthly energy use index (EUI) updates
  • Recommendations for service and capital improvements to increase efficiency
  • Education and Awareness Campaign

This program’s success is dependent upon the cooperation of tenants. Performance Mechanical Group will work with you and your staff by providing all the necessary tools for you to do your part. Additionally, we will conduct a site visit of every property to gather information on the facility and its operations. This process will identify specific areas of additional energy savings. We will ask that you appoint an EPM Coordinator as a point of contact for scheduling the site visit and as the recipient of the program’s monthly reports with updated scores, analysis, and recommendations.


Local utilities have generous grant and rebate programs in place to cover HVAC efficiency improvements. Incentives can range from several hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars. There’s no dollar limit, as long as the upgrade meets utility eligibility and cost effectiveness criteria.

  • Custom Grants: Pays $0.20 - $0.30 per estimated kWh and up to $5 per estimated therm saved, up to a maximum of 70 percent of the project cost.
  • Prescriptive Rebates: Available for a variety of measures, including high efficiency packaged RTU’s, VFD’s for fans and pumps, electronically commutated motors in VAV boxes, PC power management for work stations, portable classroom controls, and high efficiency kitchen and laundry equipment.
  • PSE Premium HVAC Service program: Pays $360 – $1,310 per eligible unit for tuning up existing packaged RTU’s in PSE electric service areas. Incentive is paid directly to utility approved contractors and there is no cost to the customer.

Tenant Energy Billing

Many tenant leasing contracts provide property managers with the rights to bill tenants for energy usage outside of set hours. Unfortunately this is difficult to document in buildings with shared metering and mechanical systems. With iHave, monitoring and documenting out of contract usage and allow property managers to bill for this usage, recovering system installation cost in short amount of time.