Transformative Wave

Transformative Wave is a technology development company and subsidiary of the Performance Mechanical Group, formed in 2009 to consolidate our growing inventory of environmentally responsible and energy saving technologies under one umbrella.

It's is one of the country’s leading innovators in energy efficiency technology. It continues to develop and bring to market a growing line of energy saving and environmentally responsible products and services such as the CATALYST and the eIQ Platform, a performance and efficiency visualization tool.


  • The CATALYST adds dynamic control to existing HVAC equipment for dramatically more efficient operation without sacrificing comfort
  • The CATALYST is a retrofit technology that brings increased efficiency to existing constant-volume HVAC rooftop units through a sophisticated control package that optimizes unit functions and operation.

eIQ Platform

  • The eIQ Platform integrates into exsiting building management systems (BMS), or can act as the BMS allowing managers that have installed the Catalyst to monitor the performance and the energy use and savings of their equipment. Many more features are available including fault detection, remote notification, and preventive maintenance cost avoidance.
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