Safety First!


Safety Is All About People


Safety on the job is all about our people. At Performance Mechanical Group, we believe it's our moral responsibility to ensure that every single worker in the field and in the office, goes home safely every day, the same way they came in. Our loved ones count on that so our safety initiatives reach well beyond just throwing on a pair of safety glasses and a hard hat at a construction site.

We provide programs and resources to keep prevention and awareness top of mind which makes it second nature to us. From day one our employees are immersed into our strong safety culture.

Shared Responsibility


Every employee shares an obligation to prevent incidents and protect one another. We expect our employees to conduct business in such a way that actively integrates all applicable elements of our safety program into our day to day operations.

Safety Is Good Business


Not only is safety good for our people, it is also good for business. Jobsite safety produces projects that stay on schedule and on budget by avoiding costly delays. We believe safety is an essential business principle - as important to a project's success as the blueprints.           





Ongoing Safety Programs


  • Site Specific Safety Plans - Performed before each job to address possible safety issues.
  • Weekly Toolbox Meetings - Weekly team meetings, led by the Safety Manager, that focus on a different topic each week to reinforce proper safety measures.
  • Job Hazard Analysis - Performed before every new job begins and everytime we return to a jobsite.
  • On-site Safety Inspections - Random jobsite inspections, by our Safety Manager, to ensure that our technicians are staying in compliance with OSHA, L&I regulations.
  • Safety Incentive Program - An added bonus to our random on site safety inspections, our employees are rewarded for complying with company safety policies.
  • Drug Free Workplace - Includes a complex schedule of drug/alcohol testing to ensure that we always have the most alert employees on every job
  • Tool and Equipment Inspections - Daily inspections done to find and repair, or replace, damaged tools and equipment.