Envirornmental Policies

Performance Mechanical Group’s Environmental Mission Statement

The Performance Mechanical Group's mission is to strive for and to achieve environmental excellence. We are committed to lead by example and to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility in all our business efforts. To contribute to a beautiful, clean and livable planet, Performance Mechanical Group shall:

  • Embrace environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in our daily decision-making processes
  • Undertake best practices to minimize negative impacts on the environment
  • Take into account all appropriate economic, environmental, and social concerns in the operations of our business

We also do this by:

Being Energy Star Low Carbon IT Ally

Performance Mechanical Group is proud to be an ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign Ally, part of EPA's ongoing efforts to help customers not only save energy and money, but join the fight against global warming. The ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign is a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consumed by computers. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint and save up to $50 per computer annually by going to www.energystar.gov/lowcarbonit

Having Field Program for Waste Reduction

Performance field employees take an active role in ensuring that a minimal amount of waste from our operations enters a landfill. Programs are in place to capture all recyclable materials including cardboard, metals, and refrigerants so that they can be recycled and reused.

Using Recycled Construction Materials

Where ever possible Performance Mechanical Group uses products made from recycled materials in our projects.


Performing Carbon Free Service Calls

A typical on-site service call can often create a significant carbon footprint as the technician makes their way to and from your property through Puget Sound traffic. With the latest in building management systems many service calls can be eliminated through the use of virtual service calls. With advanced web-based building management systems our staff can log in to your system, troubleshoot and diagnose problems, and make adjustments to your system from anywhere there is internet access.

This virtual service call reduces your costs, eliminates the carbon footprint, and keeps our trucks off the road. If an on-site call is still required, the technician can be pointed directly to the problem area or failed part. This reduces downtime and the duration of the service call.