Performance Premium Service

The Puget Sound Energy Premium Service Program contributes funds toward the cost of calibrating and repairing existing economizers, installing new economizers, verifying refrigerant charge, and adjusting other controls for optimal performance.

How it works

Economizers on rooftop equipment are one of the most effective way to lower cooling costs in the Pacific Northwest. Economizers consist of dampers, sensors, and controls that enable the system to provide “free” cooling via the use of outside air when conditions allow. Unfortunately, economizers are often neglected and not operating near their full potential. Performance has paired with Puget Sound Energy to offer subsidized calibration, repair, and installation of economizers, thermostats and other energy saving components.

Performance Mechanical Group, in conjunction with Puget Sound Energy (PSE), has been performing Premium Service on rooftop HVAC units . In most cases the full cost of the program costs is covered by grants from PSE so our customers pay nothing.

Why are these rebates available?

  • As our area grows, PSE has found it more cost effective to reduce energy usage by funding conservation measures than to build new generating plants or purchase additional energy on the open market. Conservation also lessens the load on the power grid and reduces the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • Washington state legislation requires most utilities to fund conservation measures.
  • Because a vast majority of economizers are not operating efficiently, we are not seeing the full benefit of having an economizer installed.
  • These energy saving measures can add points to your Energy Star benchmark rating, again usually at no cost to you.
  • In these tough economic times you can set yourself apart as an industry leader on environmental issues and tenant services.

Cost and funding

  • The PSE program requires no capital investments in most cases. Typically the PSE incentive covers the full cost for the work performed.
  • Testing, adjustment, and certain repair parts are fully covered by the utility grant. The economizer actuator is considered a wear item and it is the only part not covered on through the incentive.
  • Subsidies for the installation of a new economizer vary from unit to unit. In most cases the incentive covers the complete installation cost, but a site visit is required to determine the actual cost of each unit. Please check with your PSE representative or contact us directly for additional information.

We are proud to partner with:

  • An investment in energy conservation projects increases property values. Operating expenses are lowered while making valuable upgrades to the facility.
  • The resulting energy savings will bring additional value to your tenants, typically with no capital investment.
  • It is environmentally responsible to reduce energy usage wherever possible.

Since April 2009 we've:

  • Serviced 2,457 Units
  • Installed 210 Economizers

And saved our customers:

  • 5,885,177 kWh/yr
  • 243,248 therms of gas/yr
  • $763,329 in energy costs/yr

That's enough energy to power over 1,000 homes!